Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You Tube to Mp3? Yes, Please!

I took today as a sick day as I was battling a horrible virus that has mostly seemed to pass. After sleeping away most of the day, I got on to being quasi-productive with planning and then slipped into surfing blogs to find some answers. In doing so, I came across Tales of a Teacherista who had posted about building a library of songs for her classroom. Its such a fun, cheap, and easy way to liven up the classroom. In that post, she explained how to use Real Player to download You Tube videos as Mp3 audio files.

That's exactly how I used to do it, too, but similar to the comments on Mrs. Pollard's post suggest, you need to download Real Player to use it and my experience is that you can't move the file once you save it onto your computer. If it isn't working for you if can be Headache City. Here's a nice and easy alternative that was shared with me!

Step 1: Find the video you want from You Tube
Step 2: Copy the URL from the address bar (CTRL C)
Step 3: Go to www.youtube-mp3.org
Step 4: Replace the URL that is in the textbox with yours (CTRL V) and click "convert video"
Step 5: Wait a few minutes. Perhaps pour yourself a coffee. If it is a short video, you might not have time though. Sorry.
Step 6: When it is all finished, click on "download", then "save". Choose where you want it saved and what you want to call it. Click "Save"
Step 7: Go to www.twistofliam.blogspot.com and tell everyone how much easier this has made your life!

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!
Now if you didn't get to pour that coffee, now is your chance.


  1. In my opinion http://youtubemp3.tv is way faster and easier to use.


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