Thursday, March 7, 2013

It was a dark and stormy night...

Actually, it wasn't stormy at all. It was dark and calm as I drove home from a friend's house. The specifics leading up to that point will be spared from here, just know that I was in a bad spot. I was angry and frustrated and couldn't seem to find an answer anywhere for what was bothering me.

You see, I was in a mood where everything was annoying me. The radio station was playing the same song as always. I flipped the station and it was more of the same. Again and again, there was nothing to listen to so I turned the radio off completely. All I had was the nagging whirr of rubber along the road.

Journey back a few months. I was in my classroom, laying out materials for the next day, when a good friend came into the room and invited me to an upcoming performance. A choir group from Africa was visiting her church and she thought I might enjoy it. I still remember the thought that ran through my mind. "I have no reason not to". So I said I would go along.

The performance was great. There was an incredible amount of talent in the young singers and the dancing was wonderful. As the evening was drawing to a close, the pastor of the hosting church asked if anyone was new or visiting for the first time. Unabashedly, I raised my hand. I didn't really think about it. I just did it. Afterwards I was given a CD as a welcome gift, which I thanked them for and then it sat in the car...for months.

It was at this point when my story begins to unfold in a spiritual way that I never would have foreseen. I suppose I should apologize that if there was a weekend in July 2012 where you couldn't find God, it's because he was with an intense intervention.

The whirring of the tires was getting to me so and I recognized that sitting in the seat beside me was that same CD...waiting. I slid it in and it allowed it to play automatically, expecting...well, not really knowing what to expect.

The same pastor came through the speakers and began to weave a message that seemed written for me.
"Now is your testimony."
"Stop regretting the past and worrying about the future and live your testimony now."

I was consumed by the message and as soon as I arrived home, I texted the same friend who had invited me and told her I would like to go to church with her the following morning. That Sunday I truly became a Christian.

Looking back on my story, it was perfectly poignant that, God (in CD form) was riding along in the passenger seat all that time.



  1. Your post just uplifted my day. Thanks for sharing...and long time, no post:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. Glad to hear you appreciated it, Laurie.

  2. Liam,
    Hurrah for you and hurrah for God! I needed to read this post today - I feel like you wrote it just for me so thank you!

  3. Hi Camille. I'm glad you enjoyed my story and found it helpful. Chin up!


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