Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking ahead to 2012

Some of my colleagues think I'm nuts.

Actually many of them do but some are convinced due to the fact that I am a few weeks into my summer break and thinking about the next school year.

I can't help it.

I'm thinking about it now because it is going to be a wicked, wonderful challenge. Again.

I'm heading into my third year as a specialist teacher. First year was Maths (yes, North Americans, there is supposed to be an 's' there in New Zealand). That was a challenge because I was teaching Maths to three classes and {duh} because I was a first year teacher. Second year I moved to English. Reputed to be the subject with the largest workload due to marking and assessments, it was a challenge because I needed to get comfortable and get organised...FAST.

Third year: Third challenge.
In 2012, I will still be in the English faculty, teaching reading and writing to Year 7 and 8 students but there's a twist! This year, my form class is the enrichment class!

How do I feel about this?
1. Honoured! I didn't ask for it. I hadn't even considered it. I was looking at 2012 as a year to consolidate my learning over the last two years and really make a go of it. Instead, I was called in to the office and asked if I would be willing to teach this incredibly bright bunch of boys and girls. Stammering and caught off guard, I accepted.
2. Excited! What a wicked, wonderful opportunity to challenge myself and the children with a degree of freedom that comes with an adapted learning class. I was soon after asked to draft up the class outline so we could get it published.
"Huh? Write up the outline for the class? What?"
"Yeah, write what you hope to achieve by the end of each term. Here's a sample to help guide you"
Practically 'Carte Blanche'! The opportunity to take some of the big ideas I've heard about {read about on blogs ;) } and dreamed about implementing and put them into practice is more than I could have hoped for!
3. Nervous! Third year teacher, getting himself organised in his teaching career. These are bright kids. The brightest we've got. I can't help but worry if I will miss the target with them. Will I shoot too low and bore them? Will I shoot too high and rob them of the opportunity to excel? Naturally, my inclination is to aim high and bring it down to their level but I'm still stuck wondering 'how high?'

Altogether, I am super-stoked to be working with these students! I have big ideas {and so does the school} for these children.

So I'm thinking about school.

And some of my colleagues think I'm nuts.

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