Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Positive Forcasting: Try now for free!

My girlfriend, Alanna, has been attending a series of seminars about behaviour management and came home with a really simple but exciting idea. I know that for some, this is already part of your practice but for the rest of us, try Positive Forecasting.

"What is that?" you ask.

Well, Positive Forecasting is a not-very-complicated term for a not-very-complicated strategy. It won't stain fabrics and it is safe for children of all ages. Best of all, you don't need to buy or make anything!
(Audience of teachers applause uncontrollably)

Here's a demonstration of how Positive Forecasting can work for you:

Traditional Instruction:
Walk to the gym in a quiet single file line.
(Moderate chuckles as teachers see a replay of everytime they go to the gym and students talk and wander and hold hands. Camera zooms in on one teacher telling her neighbour "That's exactly how my students are.")

How many kids will walk to the gym in single file with lame, boring instructions like that? I'll tell you who: just the ones that would have walked to the gym in single file anyways!

Now watch this!

Positive Forecasting:
Now, we're going to walk to the gym quietly. I know you can do this! You know you can do this. You are an AWESOME bunch and staying in a straight, quiet line is going to be easy!
(Audience watches in amazement and erupt into cheers when they arrive. One teacher lady passes out) 

Can you believe it? With Positive Forecasting, the kids were SHAKing with excitement and wanted to show their teacher he was right! They knew they can do it! They arrived with no problems and there were high-fives all around! Awesome!

See the difference Positive Forecasting can make? Positive Forecasting infuses instructions with positive messages in such a way that the students can't bear to disappoint you. And, let's face it, when students don't want to disappoint you, we all win! :)

To get your own Positive Forecasting, simply tell your kids how easy the task is going to be! Be that inspiration they need and make them see the success before they even start.

Easy, eh? You are so clever, it will be a piece of cake for you! I know you can totally do this in your class!

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  1. What?? O comments?? nah, here's one! I have done the positive forecasting in my grade four class for a while. I continually tell them to get noticed for the right reasons. I tell them if they want to act silly, they will get an appropriate response. However, the response they get when they are respecting people and acting very well is a difference altogether better. It comes with rewards. That could be free writing time or drawing but it beats out being punished. Tell them how good they are and sooner or later, they will believe it because you believe in them...


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