Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Decontamination

Amy at FirstThingsFirst is having a linky party (I still don't think I'm totally comfortable saying that phrase) about the "simple things". Well, here's mine. I call it Daily Decontamination and it goes like dis:

It's a simple system for controlling unending paperflow. I mean the little bits of paper that follow the current of the day but ultimately lodge themselves on your desk. The memos, the notes from parents, the permission slips that get handed to you as you are speaking to a colleague, the flyers for upcoming professional development opportunities, and the numerous other sheets that magically arrive at your desk throughout the day with no explanation. If your desk is anything like mine, it ressembles a riverbank, lined with a tangle of paper seaweed and Post-it pebbles.

Daily Decontamination is a short session that I built into my "End of the Day Routine" and (in keeping with the analogy) is kind of like a River Clean-up Project. It works in 5 easy steps. Instead of typing it all out, I have JUST THIS MOMENT (inspired by Amy's learning) learned how to link a picture to a Google Doc and am posting my first freebie (insert rejoicing sounds here). I keep this posted on my desk as a reminder to decontaminate every day. Call it "OvEr ThE tOp" if you like but that's just the way I do things. So here it is...I hope you enjoy it...I hope you tell me you enjoy it...I hope you really mean it and aren't just saying it because I'm soliciting some positive feedback...

Okay, go ahead now. Check it out (and tell me what you think).


  1. I love it! (... and I'm not just saying that) Thanks for participating! I"m excited to organize my paper stack with this system! I've got just the filing box thingy for it, too.

    Amy @ First Things First

  2. HA!! This was too funny ('specially the "linky party" part). In all honesty, I do love it. I've been working on the Deliver one myself (if one day back at work doing this counts!). I am going to refer back to this list, thank you!!

  3. Ah hahahahaha! Thanks Kristen!

    Hope it helps, Amy!

  4. Since I came to this district my desks like a explosion happened there every day. For a district that claims everything is done by email I seem to get so much "paper announcements". The older I get the less it seems to bother me. I start out every year saying I am going to clean it before I go home every night, but....

    It seems to be the catch all and I am only at it at the conclusion of the day. Drives people crazy. My kids always tell them she is working with us not her desk! She is never there.

  5. Hi!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have chosen your blog to be on my top 10 blog list. Thanks for your sharing and maybe I will keep my desk cleaned off daily. lol

    Vintage Teacher

    Here are the posts for you.

  6. Wow! what an honour! Thanks Pam! I don't know what else to say!


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