Sunday, August 28, 2011

General Health Warning: Be Your Best

In the spirit of sharing, I've got something for you all. Here in New Zealand, the days are getting l-o-n-g-e-r, the weathers getting brighter and the temperature is going up, up, UP! While this sounds lovely, there's an unfortunate link between this weather trend and a ScArY reality for many students. Affecting millions of children around the world, the fading of winter brings a sudden and infectious onset of Springus Feveritis.

I find myself now wrangling kids who have a seamingly unsatiable need to make strange noises, poke, prod, push, pull, and pester. It's not their fault. I know that. But sheesh, can they just give the giggling a break for a FEW MINUTES?!  

Anyways, here's a quote I came across in in a friend's classroom and asked if I could use it. He didn't mind much since he borrowed it, too. I introduced it last week and I feel like it's just what the doctor ordered.

I love its message and I love the delicious simplicity of it. No elaborate decoding, no real tough words, and no phone-a-friend required, just short, simple, punchy, and powerful. I love it. Like "together, everyone achieves more", the message is in line with the word it stems from and kids of all ages should be able to get it...even with the most severe case of Springus Feveritis!

The beauty of this is that all you beautiful Northern Hemispherers can use this as a sort of preventitive measure. Think of it like a flu vaccine for your sanity. Who could say no to that?
Now, neither of us know the quote's origin so if you know where it is from, let me know and I can reference the author. I like to give credit where it's due.

Speaking of credit, the font is Cajun Boogie ( but the graphics are my own doing.

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